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    If bed bugs invade your life don't panic. You have done nothing wrong. It is a prevalent issue here in NYC and it effects everyone. Even though it is a disgusting thought  that bugs are crawling on you while you sleep keep a level head. Do not fall victim to fear and those who prey on it. We pride ourselves on our ethics. This is what separates Pest Prep NYC from other companies. We choose to educate instead of scaring our customers. Below are some common misconceptions and frequently asked questions

    Recognizing a Bed Bug
      From its appearance Bed bugs are small insects that feed mainly on human blood. A newly hatched bed bug is semi-transparent, light tan in color, and the size of a poppy seed. Adult bed bugs are flat, have rusty-red-colored oval bodies, and are about the size of an apple seed.
      Bed bugs can be easily confused with other small household insects, including carpet beetles, spider beetles and newly hatched cockroaches (nymphs).
      From its markings, droppings and eggs blood stains, droppings and eggs can be found in several locations including:
      • Mattress seams and tufts, sheets, pillow cases and upholstered furniture.
      • Crevices and cracks in furniture.
      • Baseboards of walls

      Common Bed Bug Misconceptions

      Misconception 1

      Bed bugs only live on bed frames, mattresses, bed sheets, and pillow cases.

      Bed Bugs live on beds, and everywhere else in your home!


      Misconception 2
      Only the lower class of society has bed bugs.

      Bed bugs don’t discriminate! They affect all classes of society, whether you are clean or dirty, and regardless of how much money you make.


      Misconception 3
      Bed bugs are so small that they are invisible to the human eye

      Incorrect. Hatched babies are 1-2mm in size, and a fully grown adult bed bug can grow up to 3-5mm in size and are reddish brown in color.


      Misconception 4
      You can eliminate your bed bug problem by throwing out your mattress.

      Bed bugs infest all kinds of items, including dressers, sofas, electronics, and more!


      Misconception 5
      Bed bugs are not the problem because only my partner gets bitten.

       Scientists believes that up to 70% of the population do not react to bed bug bites

      Frequently Asked Questions


      Q: Do bed bugs only come out at night?
       No. Although a bed bug prefers hiding in dark places, they will feed during the day if conditions are favorable. E.g.; Curtains closed, blinds down, lights out, no disruptions, desperately seeking food, etc.

      Q: Do bed bug mattress covers work?
      Mattress covers do not eliminate the problem, but do take away common hiding spots such as the seams. This makes a bed bug easier to spot. A mattress cover will also preserve the mattress by protecting it from feces and blood stains.

      Q: Can I get rid of bed bugs myself?
      Not likely. A trained pest control technician has expertise and experience that is essential for successful bed bug eradication. To properly treat the problem, there are multiple areas of the home that need to be prepared and treated, not just the bed. Moreover, over the counter pesticides are ineffective compared to professional grade treatments.

      Q: Can bed bugs spread diseases?
      At this point, there is no scientific evidence that bed bugs can spread diseases.

      Q: Can I solve my problem by leaving the house for a month or two?
      No. A bed bug can survive without food for up to a year! Therefore unfortunately, leaving the home for several months will not force the extinction of your bed bug problem.

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