The team was very professional and got the job done quick!  I recently had bed bugs in my apartment and I honestly thought it was the worst thing that could happen to me.  I was very stressed and upset and Rich made my experience the best it could have been.  
He was one of the only companies that picked up EVERY time I called and was at my apartment when we said he would be.  He did a visual inspection and was able to get his guys over the next day to pack up my apartment.  They came over, heated everything, and best of all made me feel better about the whole situation.  What would have taken me a week to do they did in a couple of hours! They were also was nice enough to come to my place a second time-- right before our second fumigation-- to reheat the clothing we used over the two week time period.  This is not something he charged me for and not something they usually do but he did it because I told him it would make me feel better.  
They were also was very honest with me during the whole process and recommended a couple pest control companies that he trusted-- made me feel more safe and the company he recommended I used and LOVED! 
Lastly, there is just something about using a company whose employees have all had bed bugs at one time or another.  They know what you are going through and WANT to help you. They care about you and it made me feel more relaxed and gave me piece of mind knowing I was in good hands!

I hope I never have a reason to use Bed Bug Pest Prep NYC again but if these pesky pests come back again there is no doubt in my mind who my first call will be!

Kristine K Midtown NYC


Amazing service from top to bottom.  I recently discovered I had bed bugs in my apartment, and heard about Pest Prep NYC from a friend.  I was not disappointed.  They came in to my apartment, did a check of the infected area, as well as the rest of the apartment and he was honest about my situation.  He gave me a free quote, and gave me great advice on how to handle the situation, which definitely put my mind at ease.   

I received an estimate on services which was shockingly fair and reasonable compared to what I've read online from other services.  We agreed on a date and Rich and his crew showed up on time and did not waste any time sealing and packing up my belongings.

Pest Prep NYC is probably the most honest company I've ever dealt with.  The fact that the crew was helpful and reliable and ready to answer any questions I had says a lot about the owner and how seriously he takes his work and cares for his customers.

Rich gave me his number and was able to answer any questions (which were a lot) I had day or night, really made me feel at ease.  

I recommend this company for anyone who finds themselves with an unfortunate pest problem.

Frank M Brooklyn NY


After months of dealing with a bed bug infestation and postponing my scheduled treatment several times due to difficulty with the "prepping" part of it all, I found these guys just when I was about to give up and throw away 30 years worth of family history. They not only came right away but also befriended my elderly father (who refuses to throw anything away and actually loves clutter) and made him feel comfortable with having people he just met clean of all his belongings! They treated everything like gold and made us feel at ease throughout the entire process. Even though the power went out 2 or 3 times (very old building) they never skipped a beat and even offered to help us get the power back on. Lastly, several times throughout the prepping, they found money, valuable and sentimental items. Upon each discovery, they notified me and let me know where everything was being stored after cleaning. I kept in touch with them throughout my entire treatment process and they were happy to answer any questions I had. Even today, if I have any questions I know I can reach out and get a response - that is TRUE customer service. Overall, these guys are Reliable, Trustworthy, Efficient and worth every penny!

Marcela Inwood NY


I was in a world of hurt after exterminators informed me that I would need to prep my apartment as quickly as possible to ensure that the severe infestation discovered was treated as expeditiously as possible. With my boss out of town, it would not have been possible for me to do the prep work as described in a month, let along a few days, especially with my boss out of town on vacation. I found Pest Prep NYC in an online article and Rich arrived that evening to provide me with an estimate, a great deal of reassurance, and a guarantee that the work would receive his personal attention. He assured me that very evening that he (and PP NYC) would be available to me 24-7 throughout the entire process. Keeping in mind that , the amazing Will and their crew will, perforce, be going through all of your stuff, you need to feel comfortable with the gentleman performing this service. As it turned out, in order for my Mom to feel safe in her nearby apartment, we asked PP NYC to treat and prep her apartment as well. These guys could not have treated my 85 year old mother better and went out of their way to reassure her that they would take care of her as well throughout the entire process.  and Pest Prep NYC have delivered everything they initially promised and more. Since I know that you are going to need capable, qualified and dedicated assistance to properly prep your apartment for treatment, I hope you will consider this excellent service provider. To remain safe, we have also retained PP NYC to monitor our apartments on a monthly basis going forward. Mom and I found these gentleman supportive and reassuring throughout the entire process and feel greatly indebted to all of them who assisted us so professionally. Mom and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the assistance you have provided to us during this most difficult time.

Larry C.




After a family trip to Disney my husband and I apparently brought bed bugs into our apartment. When we got the "to do" list from our exterminator we were overwhelmed. So we called Pest Prep. The owner came by to give us an estimate, and answered all of our questions. The following day they prepped our apartment. They were amazing! I highly recommend these guys.

Yolanda L.




My family was shocked when we found out we had bed bugs. My wife and children were completely freaked out, So we called Pest Prep. The owner came by to evaluate our situation and was very informative, and calmed us down. The following day they came to prep our apartment (which was a Sunday) we were shocked with how much stuff we had. They treated everything with care and finished our 3 bedroom apartment in 8 hours! These guys were amazing! I highly recommend their service not only for the great job they did ,but more importantly the way they made us feel better during this horrible time.  

Rob D